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Kibwe Tavares

UEFA - Together #WePlayStrong

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Short Film - Robot & Scarecrow

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Guinness - Alive Inside

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Short Film - Jonah

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Film - Robots of Brixton

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Sundance prize winning Kibwe combines his training as an architect with his love of storytelling and animation to create futuristic live action/animated films as vivid, kinetic feasts.He created his award-winning first film Robots of Brixton while pursuing his architecture degree. In 2012 he was cited as one of Fast Company’s ‘100 most creative people in business 2012’ and was awarded a prestigious TED fellowship. He went on to direct the Sundance film Jonah, a stunning combination of live-action and CG shot on location in Zanzibar. 

In 2014 Kibwe was named as one of the top 20 young directors at the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase.  As well as winning best short film for JONAH at the CFP-E and SHOTS Young Directors Award that year he was also unanimously awarded the Special Jury prize at the same event, becoming only the 6th recipient of the award in its 15 year history.

In 2016, his electric commercial for Guinness (Alive Inside) blended animation, a sharp soundtrack and the vibrant identity of modern Africa to award-winning effect.

Kibwe’s third short film, the hotly anticipated Robot & Scarecrow, starring Jack O’Connell and Holliday Grainger, premiered in the UK on 31st May. 

Kibwe's newest TV spot for UEFA/FCB Inferno aims to encourage girls to take up and keep playing football, highlighting the skills, friendships and confidence the game brings. The spot (Together #WePlayStrong) was seen live by an audience of 200 million.


  • 2016Kibwe Tavares - Young Director Award - Shots Awards
  • 2016Alive Inside - Cannes Lions - Shortlist - Film Craft
  • 2016Alive Inside - New York International Advertising Awards - Film Craft - Silver
  • 2014Jonah - Special Jury prize at Young Directors Awards by CFP-E and SHOTS
  • 2014Kibwe Tavares - New Directors Showcase Saatchi & Saatchi
  • 2014Jonah - Audience Award at Young Directors Awards by CFP-E and SHOTS
  • 2014Jonah - First Prize Best Short Film Europe at Young Directors Awards by CFP-E and SHOTS
  • 2012Robots of Brixton - Special Jury Award for Animation Direction at Sundance Film Festival
  • 2012Kibwe Tavares - 100 Most Creative People in Business - TED Fellowship